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Our reporter Peter Brunswick
takes a look at this effective and popular solution to erection problems

(Health Journal) - L-arginine (enriched with select substances reinforcing its action) is the latest hit in the fight against erectile dysfunction. Millions of men appreciate the effectiveness of this "miracle method" in the form of a supplement. Amazingly, many people who struggle with erection problems have not yet heard of this extremely effective solution. And those who have are not exactly sure what L-arginine is, how to use it, and how to obtain its preparation containing an appropriate dose.

L-arginine operates in more than one way. Firstly, it expands blood vessels, which helps blood reach the penis to create a firm erection. Secondly, it makes the penis more sensitive, thus increasing the intensity of orgasms. The synergy of both of these actions automatically solves the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Health Journal editors were skeptical of l-arginine. Even after we'd dug through a huge amount of research devoted to it. I already had my opinion on it, but I lacked evidence that l-arginine is worth anyone's while. And if it is, is it best taken in its pure form? Or should it be accompanied by other elements?

And so, after getting a green light from my superiors, I decided to test the product. My sexual life had been less than satisfactory for quite a while, and I would experience erection problems - what better way, then, to learn the thruth than to conduct the research myself?

First, with the assistance of a specialist, I found a product with the highest dose of l-arginine that was safe for health. The same specialist told me that, on its own, l-arginine boasts many health benefits, but if one wants to channel its action towards potency enhancement, it has to be accompanied by additional ingredients.

At my request, he helped me find a formulation that contained the best proportions of ingredients. This formulation is Potenga. I ordered it online right away. Potenga is one of the most reliable products on the market that help to fight impotence. It is covered by a 100% money-back guarantee, and its purchase is not associated with any hidden offers. Thanks to that, the results of my tests proved accurate and trustworthy.

Here is what Potenga claimed on their website:

  • According to the results of the study published in Health&Disease medical journal, on average, the participants managed to solve their potency problems in 2 weeks.
  • Potenga does not contain any stimulants.
  • Potenga is a product containing natural ingredients, which makes it completely safe for health.
  • It has been proved that l-arginine dilates blood vessels, causing not only stronger erections, but also helping to nourish muscles and improve overall stamina.

Potenga arrived within 4 days of having placed my order online.

Here's my weekly report of the Potenga treatment:

My Results

Week one

After my first week of Potenga treatment, I was surprised by how clearly visible the results were. I felt more vigorous and eager to have sex. Consecutive "bed trials" brought positive results.

I can honestly say I felt great.

What's more, I didn't change anything about my daily routine. On the sixth day, my erection lasted for as long as half an hour. But still I wasn't fully convinced, as they say that at the beginning of the treatment, the results are most prominent, but in time everything goes back to sad and normal.

Week three

After three weeks, I felt even more energetic and willing to have sex, plus I slept much better, because before my body had not been able to relax properly (due to stress, I imagine). Additionally, I managed to prolong my erection to 45 minutes.

I must admit I'm starting to believe in the power of Potenga!

Week four

After 4 weeks, all of my reservations and scepticism vanished into thin air! I've regained control over my erections. And I still have lots of energy. I practically forgot what it means to fail in bed.


"I couldn't be happier with the results I've achieved."

"I've solved my erection problems quickly and effectively"



Conclusion: Perhaps you too, just like us, the editors of Health Journal, have doubts as to the effectiveness of this product, but you need to test it yourself, and you'll find out that the results are real. After conducting our test, we are pleased to hear about the success that many people (including my friend) have achieved with this supplement. And after all, you have nothing to lose. Use the links below to order Potenga, and rest assured that you're ordering a high-quality product that really works!

With wishes of great achievements in bed

- Peter Brunswick


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Our Health column reporter, Peter Brunswick, has recently put Potenga - the popular solution to potency problems - to the test. The results were astounding:

In just 2 weeks, he's managed to solve his erection problems in a very easy and effective way

The benefits of using Potenga allayed our initial doubts. We've found a way not only to increase libido and achieve a strong erection in any intimate situation, but also to boost energy and improve stamina.

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26 May 2016 year

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More and more friends had been telling me how great Potenga was. For a few months, I'd had erection problems, so you can imagine how eager I was to finally feel that I can count on my penis. In the end, I tried Potenga and I must confess I'm going to use it EVERY TIME I experience a lapse in sex drive. This supplement is amazing!

~ John, Liverpool

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~ Christian, Shrewsbury

  • Paul Griswald
    I've seen it on TV recently and I was quite taken aback by those results. I'm getting married next month. The whole situation is stressing me out, and I must admit I'm not always up to it, so I could really use this thing!! thanks for the tip!!
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    A friend of mine used to take Potenga and he recommended it to me a while ago. I've ordered a single package and received it within 3 days (although I missed the discount, which is a shame). The results are incredible and I cant wait to see what happens in weeks 3 and 4.
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    I took it, too! After a week I experienced an increase in libido, but I was a bit shy to test it. After about 10 days I got down to business and... I hadnt felt that good in bed for a really long time. And it wasnt just once. I no longer take Potenga, but I still keep it on my bedside table as a lucky charm.
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    Today is my 8th day on Potenga and my wife's said she needs a break :P
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    As far as I know, using Potenga under doctor's supervision is not only effective, but also completely safe. It's probably better to use it for no longer than 40 days in a row, but I don't think anyone would try that. Let's be straight, in a month it will get anyone to stand to attention :)
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